Working in Canada Tool

The Working in Canada Web site is a very useful career assessment tool and provides:

  • Information on Canadian labour market to help you make decisions about where to live and work
  • Direction on how to make career decisions and search planning for work
  • Information on educational requirements, main duties, wage rates and salaries, current employment trends and outlooks of different jobs
  • A report on your preferred job and location so you can make decisions that are right for you

The Tool also provides information from other Government of Canada websites:

  1. Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS)

    • Projections of future labour supply and demand by skill level and by job
    • Identifies jobs that are likely to face shortage or surplus of workers over a specific term

    • Information to help individuals save, plan and pay for post secondary education and pursue future career opportunities
  3. Essential Skills

    • Outlines the skills needed for work, learning and life
    • Enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change
  4. Job Bank

    • Largest Web-based network of job postings available to Canadians
  5. Labour Market Information

    • Includes job information such as educational requirements, main duties, wage rates, the availability of workers, current employment trends and outlook
  6. National Occupational Classification (NOC)

    • A source of occupational information in Canada
    • Standardized framework for organizing the world of work in a coherent system
    • Used in a number of major services and products throughout the private and public sectors

Adapted with References: Working in Canada