A Woman of Determination

Friendly, unique, kind, committed and hardworking are just a few words to describe Analisa Castro. From the first time I met this young lady I knew she was going to be very successful at anything she put her mind to. I first met this Deaf lady in early September of 2009 at The Canadian Hearing Society in Brantford.

Analisa was frustrated in the beginning. She had to improve her job searching skills with the use of the internet and email in order to compete in today's job market. Twice a week, Analisa would come into the office to use the Community Access computer. Other days of the week, she would use her sister's computer for access to the internet for job searching. She would search the job banks and with some consultation with me, she would prepare her cover letters and resumes to send out.

Before too long, Analisa was applying for jobs online and emailing her resume to any job she was qualified for. Analisa has a strong background in cleaning and janitorial work. She applied for all kinds of cleaning and janitorial positions in the City of Brantford. She sent out 60 resumes in a period of 6 to 7 weeks. She did not leave a stone unturned. She was determined to secure employment.

Prima Klean, a major cleaning company in Brantford, was approached by Analisa. This company had hired 4 clients from the Employment Services Program at CHS, over the past year. After a very positive interview with this employer, Analisa was hired in late October, 2009, as a full-time employee. It was a great relief for Analisa and her family because she could earn an income again and she was able to keep up with her mortgage payments again. Before she secured employment at Prima Klean, there was great fear that Analisa would lose her home. Fortunately, she did secure a cleaning position quickly.

Analisa still works at Prima Klean today and she makes herself available for any shift that may need to be filled. She continues to do well with all her cleaning duties with Prima Klean in various factories and office settings. She has received accolades from the owner, her supervisor and her co-workers for her work quality, her motivation and her team spirit.

Analisa never once gave up. Even in the face of adversity, she kept pushing forward with insurmountable determination. Analisa is a true inspiration.