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Why is Transition Planning so Important?

Transition planning involves looking ahead and planning for your future. While you are still in school you can prepare for the opportunities and experiences of being an adult. Transition planning is part of your Individualized Education Program (IEP) through your high school. Transition planning involves you, your family, your local service community workers, your teachers and other staff supporting youth transitioning. Why is it important?

Transition planning can help you:

  • decide where and how you want to live
  • figure out what you want to do for employment or help you decide on a life plan
  • look at what kinds of training or education will you need
  • figure out what skills and experiences should you acquire
  • look at challenges you need to think about with regards to your hearing loss
  • understand what services and supports will you need for training
  • determine what accommodations best fit your needs at work or school
  • find out what other deaf or hard of hearing people are doing at work
  • learn how to find and use community resources

Transition planning gives you a chance to review your strengths and weaknesses. You can look at your abilities and limits. Your transition planning will guide you and help you be successful in life as an adult.

Adapted with references: Ministry of Children and Family Development, October 2009

A Parent's Guide to Transition Planning, Rhode Island Parent Information Network & RI Department of Education

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