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Are you Deaf? Hard of hearing? Want a job?

CHS Employment Services can help!

WATCH this ASL video. 

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This video is also available in LSQ/French. Cette vidéo est aussi disponible en LSQ / français.


Are you Deaf? Hard of hearing? Want a job?

CHS Employment Services can help!

CHS Employment Services offers assistance to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals looking for a job, and works with employees and employers to put the right supports in place to help you both succeed.

Our services are free-of-charge to job seekers aged 18 and over, and employers looking for qualified staff.

Andy is hard of hearing. After suffering hearing loss due to noise exposure, Andy needed assistance updating his resume and finding a new career. CHS helped him get a job.

Emily is Deaf. After high school, Emily needed support getting her first job. She worked with her CHS employment counsellor to find work as a hostess at Swiss Chalet. CHS helped her get a job.

CHS Employment Services can support you with:

• Career guidance and interview preparation

• Resume and cover letter services

• Leads and referrals to potential job interviews

CHS Employment Services are specialized services which cater to people who are Deaf or hard of hearing which offer support when looking for work. Our experienced employment consultants are knowledgeable about the unique needs of people who are Deaf or hard of hearing and can communicate in the language of your choice.

We can offer suggestions for assistive technology and communication and safety strategies to make the workplace more accessible for Deaf or hard of hearing employees.

CHS employment counsellors can also address the needs of people with literacy challenges and Deaf immigrants whose first language is not English or ASL.

If you or someone you know is Deaf or hard of hearing, unemployed or underemployed, or needs supports and accommodations at work, contact CHS Employment Services. We’re here to support you!

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