Travel tips for hearing aid users

With warm weather just around the corner, vacationers are already sizing up their suitcases in anticipation of the summer travel season. But whether you’re camping, hitting the beach, or travelling abroad, if you’re a hearing aid user, you’ll have to pack more than sunscreen and shorts to ensure your time away from home is stress-free. Read our travel tips checklist and make relaxation a must for this year’s vacation.

To bring:

  • Basic maintenance tools such as wax picks and brushes.
  • A carrying case to protect your hearing aids anytime they’re out of your ears.
  • A dry aid kit to protect from moisture – especially if you’re travelling to a humid climate.
  • A stock of extra parts such as tubing and domes.
  • Extra batteries and a battery tester.
  • Your hearing aid manufacturer’s toll-free number and your hearing aid serial numbers.
  • A copy of your audiogram, along with your audiologist’s phone number.
  • Accessories such as portable phone amplifiers, vibrating alarm clocks and devices to help with hearing the TV.
  • A spare hearing aid – if you have one – but make sure it’s working.

To remember:

  • Check and understand your repair, loss and damage warranties before leaving.
  • If you need help while you’re travelling, know where to get it. In advance of your trip, find a reliable audiologist where you’ll be staying.
  • If you use medication to help with tinnitus or vertigo, make sure your prescriptions are current and filled before leaving.
  • If you regularly use a telephone relay service, research the numbers in advance and understand how to access the system.
  • If you rely on texting, make sure you buy a travel package with your cell phone provider so as to not incur roaming charges.