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Technology spotlight – Unitron’s Tandem technology

Offering help for Single-Sided Deafness

Single Sided Deafness (SSD), or unilateral sensorineural hearing loss, refers to significant or total hearing loss in one ear. The hearing loss is usually permanent and may be the result of a variety of conditions.

Being deaf in one ear presents as variety of challenges, most notably the difficulty in determining the direction of sound. Directionality (or sound localization) is an important aspect of managing communication and environmental cues.  When you’re unable to hear out of one ear, crossing the street, cycling and jogging can all become difficult and even dangerous. 

Read a full article on SDD from CHS’s Chief Audiologist Rex Banks.

The two main treatment options available for SSD are the BAHA (a bone anchored hearing device) and the CROS (contralateral routing of signal) or BiCROS (bilateral contralateral routing of signal) hearing aid systems.

Learn more about CROS and BiCROS systems.

Unitron’s Tandem hearing aids provide a solution for individuals with no usable hearing in one of his or her ears. The Tandem hearing aid comes in two different performance levels: The Tandem 16 and the Tandem 4. Tandem is designed to provide comfortable, clear sound quality and features that address listening needs across many challenging situations.

Features of Unitron’s Tandem Technology include:

Automatic adjustments – Automatically adjusts to your listening environment to reduce the need for manual changes.

Comfortable listening – AntiShock instantly detects sudden, jarring noises, and makes them comfortable without affecting the sounds you want to hear.

Enhanced speech clarity – Clearer speech, without having to adjust the volume.

Easy listening in noise – Noise reduction identifies and reduces background noise for enhanced comfort.

No more whistling – A sophisticated feedback management system provides better listening with less chance of embarrassing whistling.

Better hearing wherever you go – Tandem draws upon five flexible microphone strategies to help you hear better across diverse listening situations.

If you have SSD and want to learn more about the Unitron Tandem wireless CROS/BiCROS hearing aid or other similar products on the market, contact one of CHS’ Hearing Clinics Plus locations. A CHS audiologist will be able to test your hearing and educate you on both the benefits and limitations of CROS/BiCROS technology in to help ensure the best possible outcome for your individual case and communication needs.

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