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Strategic Priorities


To achieve its strategic goals over the next three years, CHS will execute these priorities:

1. Governance
Governance effectiveness is a critical driver of ongoing organization success. Completing this priority enhances the Board’s ability to oversee achievement of the Vision and Mission by implementing a high-performing policy board that is aligned with the strategic direction of the organization. Key elements that will be addressed include:
  • Strategic recruitment
  • National, industry, governance and strategy expertise
  • Best practices – Board by-laws, policies, membership, Board/CEO evaluation
2. Core Business
Like any organization with limited resources, CHS cannot afford to spread itself across every possible service and product offering. Completing this priority enhances CHS’s impact, professionalism and sustainability by rationalizing/optimizing services and products on the basis of:
  • The most important barriers facing Canadians, which we have defined as:
    • Economic
    • Communications
    • Hearing health and well-being
  • Specific strategic criteria consistent with the Vision and Mission CHS which we have defined as:
    • Market size
    • Competitive differentiation
    • Delivery competency
    • Scalability
    • Future trends
3. Organization Structure and Operations
Improvements in key organizational and operational practices are necessary for CHS to deliver professionally and consistently, and to grow nationally. Completion of this priority will increase the current operating capabilities of the organization and prepare it to scale beyond Ontario by implementing key structural and operating practices including:
  • Strategic, financial and operations planning
  • Accountability and performance management
  • Product and service front-line delivery
  • Strategic relationships/partnerships
  • Innovation planning and implementation
4. Financial Sustainability
To achieve the Vision and Mission of CHS, financial risk must be eliminated and resources must be available for growth. Completion of this priority enhances the organization’s ability to sustainably pursue its Vision and Mission by:
  • Expanding revenues
  • Adding new funding sources
  • Prudent fiscal management
5. Quality
Quality is a critical component of leading organizations. Completion of this priority will ensure that CHS's services and products are delivered on a professional, sustainable and risk-free basis. Embedding a quality approach in the organization includes:
  • Evidenced-based decision-making
  • Accreditation
  • Professional certification
  • Measurable standards
  • User/client surveys
  • Organization-wide training
6. Branding and Visibility
Branding is what helps organizations stand out for being meaningfully different from competition and other providers. Completion of this priority will help CHS become recognized as the leading organization serving Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians by introducing and promoting a new image for the organization that is meaningful, modern, professional and national.
Key elements of this new image include:
  • A new professional face for CHS
  • Rebranding
  • Revitalizing our name and reputation
  • Re-asserting ourselves in the sector
    • Funders, Consumers, Public
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