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Strategic Goals


The strategic goals of our Plan are defined as: get focused, get great and get national. These three simple goals will guide and motivate us to seize new opportunities, marshal our resources, and make substantial and vital progress in breaking down barriers to communication for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

Get Focused
Rationalize/optimize the services and products offered by CHSto ensure the greatest impact on Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians.
  • Address the most important barriers to participation faced by the communities CHS serves
  • Deliver products and services in a dependable, professional, and financially sustainable manner across Canada
Get Great
Operate all elements of the business to the highest standards of professionalism, best-practices and financial prudence.
  • Includes professional certification, accreditation, customer/client feedback and prudent financial management
Get National
Demonstrate our ability to scale our services and products outside of Ontario.
  • Serving all Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians requires a national presence
    • A national presence for all CHS's services and products will take several years
    • The goal for the next three years is to establish a national presence on certain services and products that credibly demonstrates our ability to operate nationally
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