Strategic Pillars and Goals

Pillars and Goals



Performance Excellence

Canadian Hearing Services is committed to enhancing the quality of services and products delivered to all key clients. This means that we must understand what “quality” means to each of our client groups and consistently deliver upon this. CHS will apply performance measures to ensure continuous alignment to key drivers of stakeholder impact and align this with an outcome-based mindset and culture.

Exceptional Client Journey

For over 80 years, Canadian Hearing Services has been an organization that puts people first. We listen to and serve individual needs. As a result of this, we commit to continuously listening to our customers and enhancing our service delivery, based on evolving needs. No matter what type of client you are or what part of our organization that you touch, we strive to deliver a consistent experience, based on a consistent set of values.


Innovative Service Provider 

Canadian Hearing Services recognizes that the space of hearing health is constantly evolving, and we strive to stay ahead of the curve. We will expand our core service offerings and develop meaningful partnerships in order to effectively serve the needs of our clients and lead the industry. We recognize that innovation is meaningless unless it drives demonstrable, positive impact for our clients, and that’s why we’re committed to put this innovation to action.

Continuous Learning Organization 

In order to be our best, we must make continuous efforts to not only enhance our own expertise, but also move the industry forward as a whole. We strive to be recognized as a thought leader within the space of hearing health through the creation, collection, and dissemination of information and expertise. We will embrace an ethos of continuous learning that advances our mission and drives forward all areas of our organization.


Enablers of Success 

Enablers are the critical underlying and foundational elements of the strategic plan. They represent areas of our organization that are recognized priorities and that enable the achievement of our vision, mission, goals and overarching strategic plan.