Started Her Own Business

Francine came to The Canadian Hearing Society, Employment Services with determination and one goal in mind, to become a successful entrepreneur. With support and assistance, this is exactly what Francine did!

Francine_LafleurWorking closely with employment services, she registered with the Self Employment Benefits Program and received financial support to pursue her goal. As a hard of hearing individual, Francine knew she needed support to ensure success as a business owner.

With some communication support and technical devices, her business flourished and continues to grow today. She has maintained several cleaning contracts allowing her to have the financial stability to save for her daughter's education.


We at Incredibly Clean understand the importance of maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness, neatness, and appearance of your commercial facilities.  We understand the different kinds of commercial cleaning solutions Sudbury businesses need.  Incredibly Clean is at your service.

Francine Lafleur


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"To some, cleaning is a menial weekend chore. At Incredibly Clean it is our mission; it's more than just what we do. It's who we are! "