Serene Bedshaker - BS100

Serene Bedshaker- BS100


Wakes you up with strong vibration when connected to alarm clock or notifying system.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock & Notification Hub with Super Shaker


The original Sonic Boom Clock and Notification Hub receives all the incoming notifications from Sonic System transmitters and send out alerts to the receivers, while also acting as a reliable, extra loud alarm clock. Large and easy to use buttons and controls. Resonant 113 dB alarm with adjustable alarm and snooze duration. Bed-shaker (included) connection and lamp-flasher outlet. Easy plug-and-go connection to other System Signaler devices using your home electrical system. 

Sonic Alert White Bedshaker

Sonic Alert White Bedshaker


The Sonic Alert White Bedshaker will alert even a heavy sleeper. Simply place the bedshaker under your mattress or pillow and plug it into any specialized wake-up alarm clock.