Remove Communication Barriers

Increase customer satisfaction, improve employee engagement, and stay compliant with Federal and Provincial accessibility legislation. Our expertise in the communication requirements for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and deep knowledge, allows us to recommend the right technology for your team, patrons, and facility. 

Simeon Sprek

Simeon Sprek Toteable Soundfield


Simeon Sprek bundles all of your favourite soundfield features into a small but mighty package. It has never been easier to travel with a soundfield system. The Sprek takes wireless voice amplification to new heights. Experience powerful, crystal clear sound and unprecedented flexibility and control. 

Simeon Ranger

Simeon Ranger FM System


Remote Microphone System - Ranger is a simple-to-use remote microphone system that is channel-compatible with Audita FM soundfield. Ranger includes a transmitter with plug-in mic (other microphones are available) and a small body-worn receiver. A pair of attenuated (‘hearing safe’) earbuds is included with Ranger as standard. A range of optional and specialty listening accessories is also available for Ranger, and multiple receivers can be added for group listening situations.

Simeon Accessories (Tripod Stand)

Simeon Audita II Tripod Stand

Stand S-66

Folding aluminum tripod stand for Audita.

Simeon Talkback

Simeon Talkback


A simple 'talking stick' concept that combines a microphone, amplifier and speakers all in a single handheld unit. 


Simeon Omnipanel

Omnipanel 900
Simeon Accessories (Boom Microphone)

Simeon Boom Microphone

Mic 625

A high-quality premium boom microphone is essential for capturing clear and accurate audio in professional settings, such as film and television production, podcasting, and live streaming. The premium boom microphone is the perfect choice for those seeking reliability, durability, and exceptional audio quality. Made from high quality materials, the cable is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It is also shielded to protect against electromagnetic interference and unwanted noise, ensuring that y our audio recording is crystal clear. 

Phonak DM 5000 V2

Phonak Roger DigiMaster 5000 V2


The perfect solution for average-sized rooms, this system offers the instant-sound performance.