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Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Consultation

Get relief and manage the symptoms of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Our audiologists can identify if you have tinnitus or hyperacusis and offer a number of therapeutic approaches to provide relief and manage these conditions.

About tinnutis and hyperacusis

Tinnitus affects about 10% to 15% of the population. It’s often described as a ringing, buzzing or pulsating sound in the ear.

Hyperacusis is a problem that affects about 5% of the population and 50% of patients with troublesome tinnitus. It is a reduced tolerance to everyday environmental sounds such as high-pitched noises like alarms, bus brakes, cutlery and dishes, children’s crying and clapping.

Learn more about tinnitus and hyperacusis.

What we offer

There are no cures for tinnitus and hyperacusis, but there are a number of therapeutic approaches that provide relief and help manage these conditions. You can meet with one of our audiologists for a consultation about what could be causing the condition, ways to address it, and medical referrals or other specialized testing.

Solutions include tinnitus retraining therapy in conjunction with sound therapy – table-top or ear-level sound generators or hearing aids – which can help you adjust to tinnitus and also improve sound tolerance.

What to do if you have tinnitus symptoms

If you are experiencing ongoing sound sensations, there are a number of ways tinnitus can be identified and treated:

  • Family doctor assessment
    Contact your family doctor to schedule a complete history and physical examination. Depending on the results, your doctor may refer you to an audiologist to have your hearing tested and to discuss treatment options. You may also be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist or other specialists to rule out any potential underlying medical conditions.
  • Audiologist assessment
    Book a hearing test with an audiologist at CHS indicate you are experiencing tinnitus or hyperacusis. After a full examination, the audiologist will discuss the results with you as well as any appropriate treatment options.

How to book a consultation

To schedule a tinnitus and sound sensitivity consultation with one of our audiologists, call or email one of the locations listed below.

Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Consultation are available in these locations:

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