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Sign Language Classes for Individuals

Sign language classes at CHS offer you an enjoyable and effective curriculum to learn American Sign Language (ASL) through classroom instruction, videotext and role-playing.



Sign Language Classes at CHS

Our qualified Deaf instructors use Signing Naturally, a sign language curriculum that teaches both ASL and Deaf culture to help you better understand the communication needs of the Deaf community.


A “no-voice” teaching method is used to reinforce the learning experience. You'll learn through classroom instruction and role-play, as well as videotext and a workbook. The videotext and workbook supplement and reinforce the classroom instruction so you can review, practice and retain what you learn.


We have 8 courses ranging from beginner to advanced:

  • Beginner courses are designed to introduce students to ASL. Concepts discussed relate to people, places and things within the immediate environment. Students learn to handle basic, everyday communication such as exchanging information, identifying/describing others, and asking for clarification.
  • Intermediate courses emphasize language in context: locating things, learning numeracy, making requests with inflection, talking about life events and family histories, describing objects and having social conversation.
  • Advanced courses focus on building narrative skills, moving from an informal to a more formal presentation, and on developing conversational skills used in everyday discussion.

How to choose your course 

If you have no previous knowledge of ASL, you begin with ASL 101. If you have some ASL experience, contact a to discuss a placement test.

Classes are open to anyone 16 years of age or older.

How to register for sign language classes

To register, please locate the course you want to take on the schedule below. Click on the link to register and to pay online. Your registration will be confirmed immediately.

Alternatively, you may download the registration form and submit the completed form by email attachment to We will contact you to confirm registration and request payment information.


If you have any questions, please contact



How much is the course?

All ASL classes are priced at $195* per student for registration, for any level.

Material Fees:
ASL 101  Signing Naturally Level 1 Workbook including DVD $145.00 (this workbook is also used for 102)
ASL 103  Signing Naturally Level 2 Workbook including DVD  $145.00 (this work book is also used for 104)
ASL 301  Signing Naturally Level 3 Workbook including DVD $145.00 (this workbook is used for 301-304)

Note: For courses at Conestoga, please visit their websites for full pricing info.


Refund Policy:  refunds up to 7 days before the course begins. There are no full refunds after that.  If you decide to withdraw, please contact no later than the third class to request a partial refund. No refunds are given after the 3rd class.  A $25.00 administration fee and $19.50 per class as applicable will be deducted from the refund. No refunds are given for student workbooks.  Should you need to withdraw for sufficient reason a deferral is a second option subject to course availability.

How long does it take to learn ASL?

Learning any language takes a great deal of time, energy and commitment. To be able to sign is only part of the process. You must also be able to understand ASL signed by a native user. People learn at different rates so it’s difficult to predict how long it will take to learn ASL.

What is American Sign Language (ASL)?

American Sign Language (ASL) is the language of most Deaf Canadians. It is a visual language made up of specific gestures (signs), hand shapes and facial expressions. It has its own unique grammatical rules and sentence structure.


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