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Family Communication Program

Keep pace with the sign language skills of your deaf or hard of hearing school-aged children.

This individualized sign language instruction program helps parents keep pace with their school-aged children who are Deaf or hard of hearing by continuing to develop their own sign language communication skills.

What we offer

In response to community demand and demonstrated needs by families with school-aged children who are Deaf or hard of hearing, CHS Hamilton launched a Family Communication Program in early 2013.

It is an individualized sign language instruction program designed to fit the needs of the family for visual communication; keep parents involved in their children’s lives; and build positive memories through enhanced communication.

An experienced family American Sign Language instructor meets parents in their homes.

Program goals

Our program helps:

  • school-aged children and parents improve communication using visual language
  • parents keep pace with the sign language skills of their school-aged children

Challenges this program addresses

Families with school-aged children who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have cochlear implants are often faced with several challenges:

  • school-aged children don’t develop the age-equivalent spoken language in spite of comprehensive early intervention in an oral/auditory approach to language development
  • school-aged children may struggle with communication and parents find that having the additional visual language approach enhances communication within the family (especially if the child removes the hearing aid or cochlear implant for activities such as swimming)
  • parents with Deaf children who use sign language begin to fall behind when their children enter school and struggle to keep up as they have no, or limited, resources to learn sign language


  • 9 two-hour sessions
  • a schedule is arranged between the instructor and the family
  • an initial meeting between the family and instructor is accompanied by a sign language interpreter to help facilitate goal setting and discussion

How to apply

The Family Communication Program is only available at our Hamilton location. To apply for the program or for more information, contact the Hamilton office.

Family Communication Program are available in these locations:

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