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Accessibility Consulting Services

Get one-stop access to a full range of services to ensure your business is accessible and complies with legislation.


Our experienced consultants provide one-stop access to a full range of CHS services to help your business or organization improve communication access for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

What we offer

Our consultants will work with you to identify current communication barriers in your operations and facility, recommend solutions to improve accessibility, coordinate the appropriate CHS services to make your business accessible, and ensure you comply with Ontario accessibility legislation.

Accessibility strategy development

We understand that one size does not fit all. Your organization, business or facility will have unique requirements for its accessibility strategy. Through on-site reviews and consultations, including a technology assessment, our accessibility consultants work with you to identify your needs and develop an effective and attainable strategy to meet them.

Facility assessments

Our accessibility consultants visit your business or organization to assess everything from your policies to the built environment. A written report captures where you are now and where you want to be. We recommend how to improve your services and your building to ensure you are welcoming to the Deaf and hard of hearing members of your community and staff.

Technology assessments

Our consultants identify how current technology can help your business, workplace or facility provide clear communication and enhance your services. We provide advice on assistive listening systems and communication devices for auditoriums, counter/information areas, and both small and large meeting rooms. We can also assess any existing communication technologies you have and make appropriate recommendations on everything from emergency notification systems to one-to-one interactions.

Education and training programs

In partnership with other disability organizations and experts in the accessibility field, we offer on-site or online awareness training workshops as professional development opportunities for your staff and management teams. Topics include:

  • current legislation
  • communication strategies
  • current assistive technology
  • anti-audismanti-ableism and other related topics

Drawing from the expertise of 17 CHS programs and services, we can customize our workshops to meet your unique needs.

Partnerships and Clients- Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. (ORFA)

CHS is proud to work in partnership with the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. (ORFA) on a project titled: Creating Accessible Recreation Facilities for People Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Read more.


ASL & LSQ translation and content development

American Sign Language (ASL) and la langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) are distinct languages used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We have the expertise to develop and translate content for your website, DVDs, online training or other digital communications using experienced onscreen talent and signers fluent in ASL or LSQ. Make your products, services and information accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and open up a world of opportunity for your business.

Digital media captioning

Closed captioning (CC), also called "Same Language Subtitling," allows viewers to read written text of what is being said in a video. Learn more about our Digital Media Captioning Service

How this benefits your business

In addition to complying with legal requirements to make your business, organization or facility accessible to anyone, our solutions have the potential to lead to these positive returns:

  • Value-added services and products: Simple solutions benefit more than just your customers with hearing loss. For instance, using “plain language” strategies in all your communications better serves anyone accessing your information, and motivates them to choose your product or service.
  • Enhanced corporate reputation: Meeting the needs of all your customers or clients enhances your reputation within the community where you do business. It can also be a powerful tool in recruiting and retaining talent in your organization.
  • Tapping into global markets: You have the opportunity to tap into any market and attract global customers not served by their local markets.

Why choose Accessibility Consulting Services at CHS?

What sets us apart is our knowledge about accessibility with a specialization in hearing loss, and our ability to connect you with the CHS services that will solve your communication access needs – everything from communication devices and captioning services, to education and training. As the leader in accessibility since 1940, CHS has the expertise and the resources you need.

Accessibility Consulting Services are available at most CHS locations

Services are available throughout Ontario, but please contact the Toronto office for consultation.


Accessibility Consulting Services are available in these locations:

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