Speech and language programs for adults

A woman in a white lab coat holds the letter D while facing her laptop and pointing to her bottom lip. She is sounding out the letter D.

Professional support for those experiencing speech and language challenges

Canadian Hearing Services’ (CHS) experienced speech-language pathologists offer several types of therapy services for Deaf and hard of hearing adults who are experiencing challenges with speech and language.

How We Help Adults


A speech-language pathologist will meet with you to determine your goals and create programs tailored to your needs. Services are provided in English, sign-supported English and ASL. You can choose from several programs depending on your needs:

English for New Canadians
Deaf and hard of hearing newcomers to Canada often have trouble learning English in regular classes because  of accessiblity barriers or they can’t hear the instructor and other students.  We provide specialized support to ease the transition from your native language to English. We help a range of new Canadians, from professionals who want to learn how to communicate effectively in the workplace, to parents who want to talk to their children’s teachers.

Pronunciation and Voice
We can assist adults in learning how to develop their speaking skills and use their voice more effectively and safely. Using specialized techniques, we can show your speech and voice patterns, helping you improve your pronunciation and voice.

English Upgrading (Reading and Writing)
We help adults develop and improve their reading comprehension and increase the effectiveness of their writing. With our help, you can expand your vocabulary, improve grammar skills, and learn how to write effective business letters, e-mails, academic essays, and other correspondence.

Auditory Training
We support adults who have received cochlear implants to learn to understand the new sounds they hear through their cochlear implants.  We work with adults starting at their own level – whether it’s hearing the difference between how two words sound or talking on the phone - and build skills and strategies for effective communication.  Family members are welcomed and encouraged to attend sessions to learn helpful communication strategies.  

How to Book an Appointment


Speech and language programs are offered at our Toronto location. 
Email: info@chs.ca
Phone: 1-866-518-0000

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