Hearing Care Counselling for Ages 55+

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Counselling services to help cope with hearing loss and improve communication


Due to the global pandemic, and in order to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, this service will be provided virtually for the foreseeable future.

Canadian Hearing Services offers free counselling services and supports to people aged 55 and over who have hearing loss to help improve communication with family, friends, and service providers; stay involved in social activities; and remain safe and independent at home.

Services are provided by hearing care counsellors in an accessible and safe environment, including home visits, in office appointments, or virtually. 

Who we serve


  • priority is given to people 55 years and older living with a hearing loss 
  • younger adults (aged 19 and over) with hearing loss who require home-based services

If you are under age 55, and need strategies to cope with your hearing loss, contact General Support Services at CHS.

We also educate care providers, service providers, and support groups on how to provide accessible services for people with hearing loss.

What we offer


Information and counselling

  • We provide you, your family, and other caregivers with information and counselling related to coping with hearing loss including:
  • understanding hearing loss
  • use, care, and maintenance of hearing aids and other listening systems
  • preparing for and managing difficult listening situations
  • selecting specialized communication equipment such as telephones, alarm clocks and television accessories
  • referrals to other community services

We offer education and training to consumers, family members, caregivers and the general public including:

  • family support and communication training
  • in-service training to home-support providers
  • presentations/community displays
  • workshops, classes and learning groups    
  • referral to other CHS programs and services or agencies that offer alternate services as needed

Communication devices
We provide information and assistance with:

  • assistive listening devices 
  • specialized telephones 
  • alerting devices 
Sound Advice on Hearing Health

Hearing Health is something some people tend to ignore or neglect but it is very important. Hearing loss can have a profound effect on your well-being and your ability to communicate effectively. If you suspect you have hearing loss or have confirmed hearing loss, our Sound Advice on Hearing Health workshops may provide the support you need to improve communication, increase confidence in difficult listening situations and decrease isolation.

Sound Advice on Hearing Health is a series of free virtual workshops, held over 4 weeks via Zoom, for individuals 55 years and older who have suspected or confirmed hearing loss. Workshops are held in a small virtual group setting, providing participants the opportunity for personal input, peer support and social interaction.

Workshop topics include:

Week 1: Introduction to Hearing Health and Communication
You will learn how hearing impacts your life and how to better understand your hearing test results and implications for communication.

Week 2: Factors that Influence Understanding of Speech 
You will learn to identify factors that influence understanding of speech and how to create improved communication environments.

Week 3: Stress, Expressing Communication Needs
You will learn how to identify difficulties you are having communicating in specific situations and learn how to effectively handle these challenges.

Week 4: Difficult Listening Situations
You will learn how to manage difficult listening situations, plan ahead to allow for successful communication and maximize your energy so you can take care of your communication needs.

Sound Advice on Hearing Health has positively impacted the lives of many individuals. CLICK HERE to read our client testimonials.

Sound Advice on Hearing Health Workshop Schedule

2022 Workshop Schedule

Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4


July 20

10am - 12pm


July 27

10am - 12pm


Aug 3

10am - 12pm


Aug 10

10am - 12pm

How to register:

Email: Hearingcarecounselling@chs.ca
Phone toll free: 1-866-518-0000
TTY toll free: 1-877-215-9530

How to request service


Email: Hearingcarecounselling@chs.ca
Phone toll free: 1-866-518-0000
TTY toll free: 1-877-215-9530

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This program is funded in part by local United Ways. 


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