Digital Media Captioning

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Use captioning to communicate effectively with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals

Let Canadian Hearing Services caption your videos so you can communicate effectively with Deaf and hard of hearing employees and consumers, reach new markets for your products or services, and comply with disability legislation.

We provide both open and closed captioning services. Closed captioning (CC), also called “Same Language Subtitling,” allows viewers to read written text of what is being said in a video. Unlike open captioning, it can be turned on or off. 

Adding captions to your videos, especially on your website, means you can: 

  • communicate your message to Deaf and hard of hearing people
  • make it easier for individuals learning English to follow what is being said
  • enhance search engine optimization, allowing potential customers to find your products or services
  • comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, which requires websites to provide captioning of video content
Why choose CHS Digital Captioning Services


Our Digital Media Captioning service provides:

  • quick turnaround time 
  • digital delivery
  • a variety of file formats
  • Canadian spelling and language
  • Captioning in English and French

If you’re looking for live captioning for a meeting or event, contact Communication Access Realtime Translation.

How to request Digital Media Captioning services


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