CART – Communication Access Realtime Translation

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About CART

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the live, word-for-word transcription of speech to text so that individuals can read what is being said in group settings and at personal appointments on a laptop or a larger screen. CART services can be provided on-site or remotely, in both English and French, via a secure website.

How CART Works


A professional CART writer transcribes the spoken word into written English or French text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and real-time software. The text is then displayed on a small screen, such as a laptop computer, or projected onto a large screen for classrooms, conferences or meetings.

CART service can be provided on-site or remotely.

When CART is provided on-site the writer is on location for the meeting or event.

When CART is provided remotely:

  • a writer has access to the meeting from an off-site location
  • deaf or hard of hearing individuals log onto a secure website that carries the transmission
  • users can access the service from single or multiple locations
  • CART transmissions can be displayed on a laptop, large monitor or LCD projector for the benefit of all participants
Where to use CART


CART permits visual access to a conversation, discussion or presentation in a variety of settings, including:

  • employment training or meetings
  • classrooms
  • courtrooms
  • religious services
  • conventions and conferences
  • personal appointments and meetings
  • civic events and cultural presentations
Why Choose CART at CHS?


CART is a primary provider of real-time translation services across Canada. Our CHS CART writers are:

  • affiliated with a professional association, and thus adhere to a Professional Code of Ethics
  • transcribe at 180 to 225 words per minute with a 98% verbatim accuracy rate 
  • CART is one of the many specialized services offered by CHS – the leader in hearing healthcare since 1940
How to Request CART Services


On-site services are available across Ontario. Remote services are available anywhere with internet access across Canada and internationally.

To request CART services, or for more information, contact us:
Phone toll free: 1-866-518-0000
TTY toll free: 1-877-215-9530

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Please view CART Terms and Conditions here.