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CHS Scholarships Program

The CHS National Scholarship Program is uniquely inclusive of Deaf and hard of hearing students of all abilities. Selection criteria are based on community involvement, character references and a demonstrated commitment to transform the lives of Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians–and not on grades or individual student performance indicators.

Click here to read about our 2019 scholarship winners.


Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students, including mature students attending accredited post-secondary institutions inside or outside of Canada. Students that receive funding remain eligible for the same level of funding for up to four years.

“It really is a huge honour to be chosen as one of eleven recipients of the National Scholarship Program. I am beyond thrilled to think about how this award will provide me with so many more opportunities to attend workshops, conferences, training sessions, and events etc... that I have not been able to attend for financial reasons because it is challenging living on a student budget,” says Corinna Den Dekker, a 2018 scholarship winner. “CHS has given me the assistance to continue on my path of future success. I really want to thank you for this recognition and giving me this award. Thank you.”

The scholarships are available to Canadian residents who are at least 17 years of age, and Deaf, Deaf/Blind or hard of hearing. Scholarship grants of $3,000 for full-time students and $1,000 for part-time students may be applied to cover tuition, residence and educational resources.

The financial support provided by our Corporate Partners, golf tournament participants and donors is an investment in a barrier-free Canada, a life-changing scenario not only for Deaf and hard of hearing students, but for each of us who will benefit from their contributions to society. These scholarships are truly transformational.

A committee of Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing business leaders and academics review applications from across Canada each year. They choose recipients based on key criteria, including student essays about how a scholarship would transform the future.

The Canadian Hearing Society is grateful to recognize the National Scholarship Committee for their passion, commitment and dedication to the cause: Diane Gregoris (Chair), Rex Banks, Dr. Linda Campbell, Pam Feldman, Nigel Howard, Jim Kyte, Lynn Lockhart-Menzies and Brahm Spilfogel.

Winners of the 2019 scholarship will be announced online and at the President's Scholarship Golf Tournament on September 11th. 

To learn about the generous donors who make this scholarship possible, please visit the Scholarship Wall of Honour.

How to Apply

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2019 CHS National Scholarship Program. Applications for 2020 will be posted here in advance of the May 2020 submission date. Please check back in January 2020 for more information. 


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