Sales Associate at HomeSense

As a Deaf employee at HomeSense in Sudbury Ontario, Muriel has been a valued member of the Sales Associate team for almost 2 years. You may come across Muriel at any given time on the sales floor at HomeSense providing prompt, courteous service to customers or preparing and displaying merchandise.

Muriel LalondeThe Employment Services Program at The Canadian Hearing Society played a part in sourcing the position at HomeSense and provided support to Muriel throughout the hiring process. These supports included access to interpreters, problem solving techniques, communication strategies and job assistant services to learn new duties. Support was also provided to the employer throughout Muriel's employment including communication techniques and sensitivity training.

Muriel is self-sufficient and independent at work communicating with customers through gestures and written communication. With specialized software on her blackberry, Muriel can receive messages on her voicemail that are automatically translated to text on her phone allowing for easy access to messages from her employer both at home and on the job.

HomeSense values diversity in the workplace and recognizes ASL as a language of service. Many of the employees have learned some basic signs and welcome the opportunity to work with Muriel.