Your Client Rights and Responsibilities

woman sitting on sofa across from another woman
You have the right to ...


  • Be treated with courtesy and respect regardless of your culture, ancestry, place of origin, citizenship, spiritual traditions, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital and family status or abilities.
  • Equal communication access in receiving services and every effort will be made to ensure appropriate accommodations are provided.
  • Be cared for by qualified staff and to have services provided in a manner that complies with legal, professional, ethical and other relevant standards.
  • Be informed and involved in the planning of your care, be consulted about changes in your service, have a clear explanation of the services you will receive and who will provide them. 
  • Give or refuse consent at any time.
  • Be informed of the procedures for initiating complaints and to express concerns and recommend changes without fear of reprisals, interference, coercion or discrimination. 
  • Be informed of CHS’s Mission, Vision, Values and policies.
  • Have your personal health information kept confidential.
Your responsibilities include …


  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect free from abusive behavior, violence or harassment (including on social media).
  • Provide all the information required and consent to services.
  • Ask questions if you have not understood something. 
  • Participate in your care plan to the best of your ability and tell us about changes that could affect your care goals.
  • Notify your service provider of concerns about the service you are receiving.
  • Follow cancellation policies and provide adequate notice if you cannot attend your appointment.
  • Provide a safe working environment for the CHS service provider by:
    •  Maintaining acceptable levels of personal hygiene and dress, not wearing highly fragrant products
    •  Letting us know if you are sick so we can delay the visit until you are better.
    •  Refraining from disruptive behaviour and excessive noise while visiting CHS.
    •  Treating the CHS office area with respect and helping to keep it clean.
    •  Not using alcohol, marijuana or other substances before or during the visit.
    •  No weapons present during service delivery
    •  Not smoking during visits to your home.
    •  Securing pets during home visits.
    •  Ensuring that walkways to the home are well lit and clear of ice, snow and other hazards.
    •  Alerting us if you believe you may have bed bugs at home.


CHS shall be responsible for ...


  • Establishing goals with your input and striving to meet these goals.
  • Maintaining your confidentiality, privacy and dignity.
  • Maintaining professionalism and following a code of ethics.
  • Not inflicting any personal values and standards onto you.

Individuals may be refused service if a CHS manager and employee agree that an individual has contravened one or more of the Client Responsibilities.