Resources for youth with hearing loss

This section covers a wide range of resources for youth with hearing loss to help support and empower you at school, in your career planning and at work. It is designed for a broad range of individuals with hearing loss regardless of your communication preferences.

You'll find answers to your questions about:

  • career planning to help you better prepare for higher education or for employment
  • disclosing your hearing loss
  • jobs that require minimal use of hearing
  • how to assess your best employment options
  • how to access appropriate accommodations (i.e. notetaking services) at college or university
  • how to find out if a college or university provides good access services
  • the best technology available to improve your communication access

We also encourage you to make use of regular assessment and career planning tools that are readily used by all students. If you are not able to get the answers you’re looking for there are specific self-assessment tools and materials that may help you with short-term and long-term planning for your training and employment goals.

The topics covered are: