• Abilities Connect Fund

Ontario Chamber of Commerce program with two streams of funding available for Ontario employers.

Learn about the Abilities Connect Fund here. 


  • Alerting Systems

In case of fire or other emergency, systems that incorporate visual signals like strobe lights or use pagers to send messages direct to staff or LCD displays are essential to the safety of your customers or employees who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

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  • Customer Service Communication Systems

Assistive listening devices, and text-based systems like UbiDuo allow clear communication for all.

  • Communication Systems for Meetings and Training

Assistive listening systems include FM, Infrared or loop systems, designed to connect the sound from the main speaker, sound system or other audio source directly to wireless receivers worn by people with a hearing loss.

  • Hotel Accessibility Kits

A portable kit containing a bedshaker alarm clock and visual signalling devices can make any room in a hotel accessible for Deaf or hard of hearing guests.

  • Captioning Services

Text-based accessibility for meetings and training sessions, or videos on your website.


All about working with people who are Deaf or hard of hearing for employers.

A guide for both employers and employees who are Deaf hard of hearing.