Removing Barriers

The Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario (CPA Ontario), CHS, CNIB and Ontario March of Dimes partnered with the government of Ontario to prepare Count Us In:  Removing Barriers to Political Participation, 2007, three reference guides to increase accessibility of Ontarians with disabilities to the democratic process.

People with disabilities deserve the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in election activities.  These guides will help to identify and remove key barriers to the democratic process.  Political candidates and their parties will benefit from the views and involvement of this portion of the voting public.  We must all take steps to ensure that all campaign and election activities are as accessible as possible to all of our citizens.


Count Us In: Removing Barriers to Political Participation—Three Quick References:

1. Accessible All Candidates Meetings

2. Accessible Constituency, Riding Association, Central Party and Campaign Offices

3. Accessible Campaign Information and Communication