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OIS Interpreter Internship Program

If you’re a graduate of an accredited Interpreter Education Program, you can apply for a 10-month paid internship program at CHS to gain practical experience and improve your skills.

What you need to know

The OIS Interpreter Internship Program couples practical experience with one-to-one feedback and instruction provided by our skilled Deaf and hearing staff and freelance interpreters.

The program runs for 10 months. You’ll spend nine months at our Toronto location and one month at a regional office in Ontario as a staff interpreter. We make every effort to place you in your home community or in a location where you have a place to stay.

The program includes:

  • classroom instruction with both Deaf and hearing trainers
  • one-to-one feedback from trainers and interpreter-mentors
  • in-depth critical analysis of L1 and L2
  • hands-on interpreting experience in a safe environment under the guidance of experienced staff and freelance interpreters
  • access to OIS video/text resources and innovative lab facilities
  • emphasis on specialized areas such as medical and mental health settings

There are two sessions per year and each accepts four interns

Registration deadline: November 18, 2019.

Winter session starts on January 6, 2020.

Who is eligible to apply?

You must have already graduated from an accredited Interpreter Education Program and be legally able to work in Canada to apply. You can be a recent grad or working in the field. Consideration may be given to interpreters from underserviced regions.

How to apply

Complete this form and return it to: OIS Interpreter Internship Program, Canadian Hearing Services, 271 Spadina Rd., Toronto, ON M5R 2V3.

You must also book an IIP Entrance Screening appointment in Toronto or a CHS regional office by contacting Pri Patel via email at iip@chs.caThere is no fee to apply.

Find out more about the OIS Interpreter Internship Program

For more information about the OIS Interpreter Internship Program, see the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions or download this brochure.

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