Members of your congregation with hearing loss may be encountering barriers to communication and missing out on your message. Noisy ambient sound, poor acoustics, technical difficulties with hearing aids and other circumstances can pose challenges. 

Canadian Hearing Services carries a broad range of communication devices designed to remove barriers and improve communication. Our experienced consultants can provide you with product recommendations and solutions customized to fit your needs.

Types of Products

Group Communication


Phonak Roger Select and Roger Table Mic II



Phonak Large Area FM System


Sennheiser Large Area Infrared System


Williams Sound Large Area WIFI-FM Hybrid System

WilliamSound WillaimSound

Large-Area Induction Loop System

area induction

Soundfield Amplification Systems

  FrontRow ToGo


FrontRow Bluetooth Juno

Simeon Audita II


Roger DigiMaster

One-to-one Communication

One-to-one communication can be frustrating for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Devices that facilitate clear communication are essential to promote active understanding and participation from your congregation. 

For members of the congregation with mild to moderate hearing loss, personal amplification systems amplify a single sound source and help overcome background noise in difficult listening situations.
These include devices that allow conversations to be typed and read at the same time and are ideal for information desks, member interaction and more


  UbiDuo Watch video


Williams Sound PocketTalker 2.0 Personal Sound Amplifier



Bellman Maxi Personal Digital Sound Amplifier


Comfort Duett Personal Sound Amplifier with charger


Williams Sound Motiva Personal Amplification and FM System


Williams Sound Portable Counter Loop System Watch video


Univox Cross The Counter Loop System Watch video

univoxUnivox Univox