Patients and residents who are Deaf or have hearing loss often encounter barriers to communication with loved ones, caregivers, and medical staff while in hospital, retirement home or long-term care home. Noisy environments, technical difficulties with hearing aids, an unwillingness to wear existing hearing aids or other circumstances can pose additional barriers.  

Canadian Hearing Services carries a broad range of communication devices designed to remove barriers and improve communication, safety and independence. Our experienced consultants can provide you with product recommendations and solutions customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Types of Products

Amplified phones

Amplified phones, ideal for client rooms, waiting areas, common rooms and emergency rooms, are designed to make conversation clear for patients or residents with hearing loss. Benefits of amplified phones include:
•    A volume range of 30 – 55dB - suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss
•    Photo memory dialing – a good option for patients/residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
•    Outgoing voice amplification
•    Speakerphone

In-line phone amplifiers are another option that offer volume adjustment to an existing phone.  

Clarity Alto Plus - 53dB Amplified Corded Telephone Alto


Clarity P300 – 30dB Picture Memory Button Corded Telephone

Clarity P300


Serene HD40S Outgoing Voice Amplified Telephone


Panasonic 50 decibel KXTGM490S Cordless phone with 3 speed answering machine


Clarity JV35 , 50 dB Amplified Low Vision Telephone


Clarity In-line 40dB Telephone Amplifier HA40

clarit in-line

Teletypewriters (TTYs)

Teletypewriters (TTYs) are telephones that have a keyboard and small display screen that allow text communication over telephone lines. They can be used in patient/resident rooms, public areas, and customer service areas such reception.

Ultratec Uniphone 1140- Perfect for making Voice Carry Over Calls


Ultratec Minicom IV- Non-direct connect tty

Ultratec Superprint 4425 - Direct connect and printing tty



Alerting Systems

Essential for patient/resident rooms, alerting systems provide visual and/or vibration notification to everyday sounds like someone at the door, the telephone ringing and more. 

Clarity Alertmaster AL10-K clock with door knocker, door button and bed shaker


Sonic Alert – Door and Telephone Alerting system

sonic alert - door

Sonic Alert Vibrating Travelling Alarm Clock

alarm clock

Bellman Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver

bellman pagers


Emergency Notification

Smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing that warn of danger through high intensity flashing strobe lights and/or vibrating receivers

LCD Displays installed throughout the building that relay emergency messages

Bellman Visit System for Smoke and CO detection


Lifetone HL clock and Smoke Detector Alerting System with Bedshaker


Emergency notification system via the fire panel


Patient Safety Devices

Include a contact mat that is placed under an existing entrance door mat or foot of the bed mat to notify a patient or resident that someone is entering or exiting a room.  When triggered, a signal is sent to a receiver to provide visual or vibration alerts. 

Also available is the Bellman Two Magnetic Switches kit that with a help of a universal transmitter will alert to a door or window being open

Bellman Door Entering or Exiting Contact Mat and Transmitter

door mat
Bellman Door/Window Magnetic Switch and Transmitter

window magnetic

One-to-one Communication

One-to-one communication can be frustrating for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Misunderstandings can have serious consequences in medical settings. These devices provide barrier free access to communication. 

 UbiDuo Watch video


Williams Sound PocketTalker 2.0 Personal Sound Amplifier



Bellman Maxi Personal Digital Sound Amplifier


Comfort Duett Personal Sound Amplifier with charger


Williams Sound Motiva Personal Amplification and FM System


Williams Sound Portable Counter Loop System Watch video


Univox Cross The Counter Loop System

univoxUnivox Univox


Assisted Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices allow patients or residents to enjoy television at a volume they choose without disturbing others in the room. These systems consist of a transmitter that is connected to the television and a wireless receiver that is worn by the person with hearing loss.  

And Amplification devices for large areas to help those with hearing loss during meetings or performances

Sennheiser 860 FM set Television Listening System


Clarity 40 dB Amplified Bluetooth Headset for Television, Cell phones, Tablets and other Bluetooth devices



TV EARS Long Range Digital FM Television Listening System


Phonak Large Area FM System

large area

Phonak Roger Select and Roger Table Mic II for small group gatherings


Sennheiser Large Area Infrared System


Williams Sound Large Area WIFI-FM Hybrid System

WilliamSound WillaimSound

Large-Area Induction Loop System

area induction


Soundfield Amplification Systems

 FrontRow ToGo


FrontRow Bluetooth Juno

Simeon Audita II


Roger DigiMaster


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