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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock w/ Built in Receiver

(model # SB1000ss )


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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock w/ Built in Receiver

Details and Specifications

Model SB1000ss
What's in the box?
Tax Eligible
  • Easy to see, bright 1” tall LCD display with green numbers displays the current time: adjustable tilt angles for easy viewing
  • The built-in receiver allows you to receive alerts for your Sonic Alert Telephone, Doorbell and Sound Signallers
  • Alerting options for every preference-alerts you with loud and audible alarm (up to 113dB, adjustable tone control), powerful vibrating bed shaker with selectable pulse/steady vibrations (included) and flashing a connected lamp or strobe light
  • Auto-dimmer automatically dims the clock at night and brightens during the day
  • Snooze button (9 minutes of snooze time)- allows you to enjoy some extra ZZZZ’s if you’re not quite ready to start your day

Comes with Alarm clock and bedshaker 

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