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Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter (BE1431)

(model #BE1431)


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Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter

Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter

Details and Specifications

Model BE1431
What's in the box?

• 2 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
• Velcro for wall mounting
• Alcohol wipe
• Screw and plug
• User manual


Two Years

Tax Eligible

How it works
When the telephone transmitter is activated, it signals your Visit receiver that notifies you with sound, flashes or vibrations (depending on the receiver).
It is equipped with three triggers that, aside from telephone detection, can be used for:

• A contact mat accessory 
• A magnetic switch accessory
• An existing doorbell, etc.

The telephone transmitter allows you to choose an individual alert for each trigger and it uses a robust radio link that covers your entire home. It is very easy to set up, virtually maintenance free and operates for years on standard batteries.

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