Sonic Boom Alarm Clock & Notification Hub with Super Shaker


The original Sonic Boom Clock and Notification Hub receives all the incoming notifications from Sonic System transmitters and send out alerts to the receivers, while also acting as a reliable, extra loud alarm clock. Large and easy to use buttons and controls. Resonant 113 dB alarm with adjustable alarm and snooze duration. Bed-shaker (included) connection and lamp-flasher outlet. Easy plug-and-go connection to other System Signaler devices using your home electrical system. 

Product Overview

  • Easy to see, bright 1” tall LCD display with green numbers displays the current time: adjustable tilt angles for easy viewing
  • The built-in receiver allows you to receive alerts for your Sonic Alert Telephone, Doorbell and Sound Signallers
  • Alerting options for every preference-alerts you with loud and audible alarm (up to 113dB, adjustable tone control), powerful vibrating bed shaker with selectable pulse/steady vibrations (included) and flashing a connected lamp or strobe light
  • Auto-dimmer automatically dims the clock at night and brightens during the day
  • Snooze button (9 minutes of snooze time)- allows you to enjoy some extra ZZZZs if you’re not quite ready to start your day

Product comes with Alarm clock and bedshaker 

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5 year manufacturer warranty included with purchase.

User Manual

Learn how to use the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock & Notification Hub with Super Shaker by reading the User Manual.