Sonic Alert Doorbell/Telephone Signaler

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Sonic Alert Doorbell/Telephone Signaler


Product Overview

The DB200 let’s you know someone is at your door, or the telephone/TTY is ringing, using a variety of alerts: an on/off audible chime (for hearing members of your family) and two kinds of visual alerts when you plug into a lamp. The signaler expands your Sonic Alert receiver’s coverage, allowing you to customize your alerting system It can transmit to Sonic Alert BL300, RH100, SA101 and SA201 receivers. The door button is battery operated and needs no wiring or plugging in. The system’s phone/TTY cord plugs into a regular telephone jack. 


Details and Specifications

  • Compact and dual-function unit
  • Can transmit to Sonic Alert products: BL300, RH100, SA101,SA201
  • 2 kinds of visual alerts ( 5 or 10 flashes)
  • Built in chime ( for hearing family members) can be turned off
  • Built in outlet to flash an attached lamp and sends a signal to all Sonic Alert remote receivers
  • Telephone signaler, easy to install and does not draw any phone line power
  • Wireless door bell easy to install 
  • User Guide

What's in the box?

  • Wireless Doorbell Button
  • User Manual
  • Plug-in receiver with telephone/TTY connection 

Manufacturer Warranty

5 year warranty