Sonic Alert Bluetooth Sonic Bomb Vibration Alarm - OUT OF STOCK

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Sonic Alert Bluetooth Sonic Bomb Vibration Alarm - OUT OF STOCK


Product Overview

The Sonic Bomb Wireless Vibration Alarm model SS125BT, is a wireless vibration disc that is activated using Bluetoothª technology already in your smart device.

Apple, Google, or Samsung Smartphones or Tablets required to use the SS125BT Sonic Bomb Wireless Vibration Alarm through the Sonic Bomb App – available through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Set your SS125BT to notify you that it’s Time to Wake-Up with custom duration snooze features, when you are receiving a Call or Text, it can even let you know when your Gmail receives a new message. 

Details and Specifications

•    Vibration only notification - awaken without disturbing others
•    Set multiple alarms and notifications with the easy-to-use Sonic Bomb app
•    Connects wirelessly to your smart device via Bluetooth™
•    User-selectable alarm duration from 15 seconds to 10 minutes
•    User-selectable snooze time from five to 30 minutes
•    User-selectable vibration strength and vibration pattern
•    Turn off the alarm sound on your phone, only use the vibrator
•    Handy clip to secure under your pillow
•    Customize the different alerts for calls, texts, or Gmail messages
•    The battery lasts months between charges with typical daily use
•    Sonic Bomb app is available for Android and Apple devices



1 year