Sonic Alert Baby-Cry Signaler


Product Overview

The Sonic Alert Baby-Cry Signaler transmits to Sonic Alert BL300, RH100, SA101 and SA201 receivers, to let you know when your baby needs you. Its adjustable sensitivity control lets you hear even the softest sounds—like a sigh or a whisper. Simply plug the Baby-Cry Signaler into any electrical outlet near your baby.

Details and Specifications

Model: BC400


  • A small unit that immediately alerts you when your baby starts crying
  • Adjustable sensitivity control, can be set to alert you to sounds as soft as a baby s whisper
  • Plugs into any outlet in the baby's room
  • So your baby is not disturbed, no lamp flashes in the baby's room
  • When your baby cries, the BC 400 sends a signal over your home's electrical system to remote receivers, so it is completely wireless!

What's in the box?

Plug-in baby-cry transmitter

User manual


5 year