Silent Call Bedshaker

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Silent Call Bedshaker


Product Overview

Wake up to household events that occur while you are sleeping with the bed vibrator with Pin jack. Place it under your mattress pad near your pillow; a simple pin jack offers easy connection to a variety of signature series 418MHz receivers and legacy series 318MHz receiver and the Sleep/Alert Charger, so you can gain 24- hour notifications to events and emergencies. 

  • Shakes you awake when signaled by a receiver
  • Connects easily with a simple pin jack
  • Connects to a variety of Silent Call Signature series or Legacy Series 

Details and Specifications

  • ​​Cord Length: 68" / 5'8"
  • No Batteries required
  • Requires AC power supply (PS800)
  • User Manual

What's in the box?

  • Bed Vibrator
  • Product Manual 


5 year warranty