Panasonic 50db Amplified Cordless Telephone with 3 Speed Digital Answering Machine


Product Overview

This reliable, full-featured amplified cordless phone is the home phone solution for everyone affected by mild and moderate hearing loss (Volume Boost control up to 50 dB). It is equipped with everything you need to hear and be heard, loud and clear.


Details and Specifications

•Amplified Incoming Voice Calls Up to 50 dB for Mild, Moderate, and Severe Hearing Loss
•6 Levels (and Custom) Tone Setting for Handset Receiver
•Slow Talk Mode for Clearer Understanding of Real Time Voice and Answering System Messages
•Loud Ringer Volume (112 dB)
•Expandable Up to 6 Handsets

What's in the box?

- Cordless Phone

- Charging Base with Built-in Answering Machine, Power Adapter and Phone Line

- Manual

Manufacturer Warranty

One (1 ) Year Limited Warranty