Marsona 1288A Sound Conditioner

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Marsona 1288A Sound Conditioner


Product Overview

Sound conditioners create a soothing, consistent “white noise” sound. If you have tinnitus, these units help alleviate the ringing you experience, and help you fall asleep or simply relax. The Marsona 1288A Sound Conditioner is a compact, portable unit that creates custom, high-quality sounds. Choose from choose from eight base sounds (white noise, brook, rain, etc.) and eight overlay sounds (loon, owl, songbird, etc.). The unit’s adjustable volume control lets you customize the sound you hear. And you can set the built-in timer to shut the unit off after 60 minutes.


Details and Specifications

Model: MARSONA-1288A

  • Programmable "overlay" sounds
  • Optional 60 minute shut-off timer
  • Simple touch button operation
  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Color LED selection indicators
  • Auxiliary jack, for headphones or other devices
  • User Manual

What's in the box?

Sound conditioner

User manual

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year