Kidde Smoke + Strobe Combo Smoke Detector – Hardwired

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Kidde Smoke + Strobe Combo Smoke Detector – Hardwired


Product Overview

The Kidde P4010-AC is an integrated 120 V AC wire-in smoke alarm with 10-year sealed battery backup and LED strobe light that provides temporal patterns, visual and voice warnings. Equipped with a 177 candela strobe light  designed to notify the deaf and hard of hearing. The unique design measures  5.8 cm (2.3”) in height, when mounted.  Produces a steady flash warning (once per second) if smoke is detected, and sound 3 long beeps, followed by “Fire! Feu!,” repeating. 

Details and Specifications

  • Integrated Photoelectric Smoke Alarm and LED Strobe Light, requires only one electrical box – No Relay required.
  • Low Profile Bright 177 Candela Strobe Light powered by Cree LEDs – Light level proven effective in warning those with hearing loss. Attractive low profile design
  • Synchronized Flash Rates – Strobe flashes will automatically synchronize with other interconnected P4010-CA units’, in an alarm condition.
  • 120 V Interconnectable with 10-year Sealed Lithium Battery Backup (on Smoke Alarm)
  • Will interconnect with up to 24 other Kidde devices.
  • Voice Warning -Announces “Fire! Feu!” (or “Carbon Monoxide! Monoxyde de Carbone!”) when interconnected with a carbon monoxide alarm or combination smoke / CO alarm).
  • Note: This alarm does not detect carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Manual

What's in the box?

Combo Smoke + Strobe Detector

120 V Sealed Lithium Battery 


10 years