Humask Pro Vision 3000 Mask (Level 3) - Box of 50

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Humask Pro Vision 3000 Mask (Level 3) - Box of 50

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Humask Pro Vision 3000

The only window mask in the world that complies with the ASTM F2100-19 level 3 standard. The highest level of fluid resistance.

Features and benefits:

· Unique patent-pending technology wide window surgical mask.

· Its thin structure allows speechreading and freedom of movement, while not lessening the sound of the voice.

· Transparent anti-fog film.

· A revolutionary HuCareTM membrane that provides exceptional filtration as well as unmatched comfort and lightness.

· A 100% hydrophobic barrier that prevents the transfer of body fluid and resists acids.

· A HuCareTM filter membrane that retains its high level of protection compared to conventional membranes that can lose effectiveness over time.

· Hypoallergenic, latex free and fiberglass free.

· The HuCareTM membrane’s filtering effectiveness is in no way affected by the static attenuation of the electrets.

· 98% bacterial filtration effectiveness.

· Comfortable ear straps.

· A flexible and adjustable nasal band.

· Ultrasonic-weld assembly.

Technical Sheet

This is a “single-use” mask. Please note, face masks are non-returnable for reasons of health and safety. If you receive a defective product, please contact us at

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