HomeAware Master Unit with Smoke and CO Sensor(bedshaker sold separately)


Product Overview

The HomeAware master unit HA360M-II is part of the most advanced alerting system on the market today. Alerts are made through sound , flashing strobe light and vibration ( bedshaker not included ). It is a clock but also alerts you to a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, a land line telephone call and persisting sounds around you. The unit is Bluetooth capable so it can be paired to your cell phone via the free HomeAware App. This allows you to use your cell phone as a receiver to all the notifications alerts from the master unit around  your home. And when you do not have your cell phone on you , the master unit will alert you of any incoming cell phone calls or text messages. The unit has TrueAlert RF technology that self monitors connectivity to all the system's transmitters ( sold separately )  every 2-3 minutes giving you peace of mind. 

  • Extra-loud 105 dB dual clock alarm (with adjustable tone & volume control)
  • Alerts use strobe light , sound, and vibration (bedshaker sold separately) to notify you
  • 2-inch easy to read scrolling red display
  • Integrated sensor 'listens' for the decibel level and pattern
    • T3/Smoke Alarm: SMOKE
    • T4/Carbon Monoxide: CO
    • Sustained sounds > 70 dB: ALERT
  • Full Battery Back-up
  • Bluetooth
  • USB charging port
  • Bedshaker port

Technical Specifications


  • TrueAlert Networking Technology for self monitoring every 2-3 minutes 24/7
  • 2 inch scrolling bright red display
  • Built-in flashing strobe
  • Dual clock alarm with snooze function
  • tone and volume control
  • 105 decibel alarm sound
  • USB charging port
  • RJ11 land line phone jack
  • 72 hour AA alkaline battery back up 
  • Bedshaker port
  • Bluetooth

What's in the box


  •  HA360DR-II (bedshaker sold separately)
  •  Power adaptor



  • 1 year 


Learn how to use the Home Aware Master Unit by reading the User Manual.