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HomeAware Blink



    Product Overview

    The HomeAware Blink – HA360B2.1 is the brightest and most colorful signaling receiver on the market today!

    HOME SECURITY & NOTIFICATIONS – Connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters, and receivers to extend notifications throughout your residence.

    COMPACT DESIGN – Perfect for that area where you do not have space for a traditional receiver, or just need a bit more coverage for your system. 

    PORTABLE NOTIFICATION RECEIVER – Take the HomeAware Blink with you down into the basement, up into the attic, out in the garden, or by the pool! 

    EASY LINK – Connects to the HomeAware system in seconds. 

    Product features

    • Five Bright and Unique Notification Specific Colors
    • Use as a Stand-Alone Receiver - or - Part of a Larger System
    • Eye-Catching Strobe Flash
    • Light-Weight, "Pocket" Design Removable Disk
    • 500 Feet Range
    • Battery Charge Last for Up to 48 Hours
    • Compact Recharging Dock
    • Full Charge within 3-Hours
    • One-Year Sonic Alert Warranty


    1 year