HomeAware Blink


The Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink is the first of its kind to alert you to specific home events using various colored lights. Connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters and receivers. Blinks five unique colors to notify you to five different alerts when used with optional transmitters.

    Product Overview

    Image of Home Aware Blink

    The HomeAware Blink – HA360B2.1 is the brightest and most colorful signaling receiver on the market today.

    HOME SECURITY & NOTIFICATIONS – Connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters, and receivers to extend notifications throughout your residence.

    COMPACT DESIGN – Perfect for that area where you do not have space for a traditional receiver, or just need a bit more coverage for your system. 

    PORTABLE NOTIFICATION RECEIVER – Take the HomeAware Blink with you down into the basement, up into the attic, out in the garden, or by the pool! 

    EASY LINK – Connects to the HomeAware system in seconds. 

    Technical Specifications

    • Five Bright and Unique Notification Specific Colors
    • Use as a Stand-Alone Receiver - or - Part of a Larger System
    • Eye-Catching Strobe Flash
    • Light-Weight, "Pocket" Design Removable Disk
    • 500 Feet Range
    • Battery Charge Last for Up to 48 Hours
    • Compact Recharging Dock
    • Full Charge within 3-Hours
    • One-Year Sonic Alert Warranty


    1 year manufacturer's  warranty included with purchase. 

    What's in the Box

    *Confirm these details with CDP. 

    User Manual

    https://sonicalert.com/Outstanding%20PDF%20Files/HA360B%20user%20guide.pdf ** This User Guide is currently unavailable via this URL