HomeAware Baby Cry Sound Signaler

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HomeAware Baby Cry Sound Signaler


Product Overview

The HomeAware HA360SSBC2.1 transmitter is designed to alert you to the sound of a baby crying. This transmitter alerts you through the HomeAware Main unit and remote receivers located in other rooms.

The Baby Cry works by detecting sustained sounds, such as a baby crying, using a sensor that measures the sounds decibel level. The HA360SSBCK2.1 has three sensitivity levels: HIGH, MED, LOW – with High being the most sensitive. 

If you are not picking up the sound you need to be alerted to, simply move the sensitivity switch to a higher setting.

When a sound is detected, the red indicator light on the front of the accessory device will flash. The red light shows when the device is ‘hearing’ or detecting a sound. 
Adjust the placement and sensitivity level until you have the HomeAware Baby Cry positioned appropriately. Please note, the sensor will respond to any sustained sounds. Some false-positive system notifications will occur.

Details and Specifications

•    Three Level Sensitivity: HIGH, MED, LOW
•    Red Sound Sensor Detection Light
•    Powercord
•    Compact Design
•    Battery backup (9V batteries not included)



1 year