Contego 900 Personal Amplification and FM System - OUT OF STOCK

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Contego 900 Personal Amplification and FM System - OUT OF STOCK


Product Overview

The Contego 900 Personal Amplification and FM system’s receiver amplifies sounds on its own and receives signals from the wireless transmitter, which is worn by the speaker. The adjustable microphone (three settings) pinpoints the sound source accurately, eliminates background noise and makes voices clearer. For increased security, the transmitter sends a digital code to the receiver, making it virtually impossible for someone to intercept a conversation.

The system includes a transmitter, receiver, mini-microphone, charging adaptor, carry case and listening accessory (choose from a headset, ear bud or neckloop).

Details and Specifications

Model: CONTEGO FM 900

- Transmission: digital modulation with encryption
- Range: one hundred (100) feet
- Antenna: built-in
- Channels: 38
- Battery: rechargeable Li-ion
- Charging time: four (4) hours
- Operating time: up to twenty (20) hours
- Microphones: built-in— directional and omni-directional
- Frequency range: 904-926 MHz
- Input: line in/microphone
- Max output: 130dB SPL
- Max gain: 50dB

- Manual

What's in the box?




Charging adaptor

Carry case

Listening accessory

User manual

Manufacturer Warranty

2 year limited