Clarity Alto Plus - 53dB Corded Phone

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Clarity Alto Plus - 53dB Corded Phone

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Product Overview

The Clarity Alto Plus is an amplified corded phone which amplifies the sounds you want to hear while reducing unwanted background noise.

  • See who is calling with large, tilting LCD Caller ID that also displays the date and time
  • Set it and forget it-set your preferred  volume level and every time you pick up the phone your incoming call is amplified to the level that suits you best- no need to push the amplify button
  • Featuring Clarity Logic – a customer service button that directly connects you to an operator for assistance with using your phone, allowing them to remotely access functions on your telephone – no need to read a complicated manual
  • High performance, loud and clear speakerphone allows for convenient, hands-free communication
  • Customize your listening experience with the 4 tone settings- this will assist with clarity, adjusting the pitch of the sounds
  • Never miss a call again- extra loud ringer (up to 100dB), 6 adjustable ring tones, super bright visual ring indicator on base of phone and optional bed shaker connection
  • Convenient one-touch programmable memory buttons for the 3 numbers you dial most, allowing for fast and easy connection to your loved ones 


What's in the box?

- 53db Corded Telephone

- Power Adapter and Phone Line

- Manual 

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year warranty

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