Clarity Alertmaster AL10K - OUT OF STOCK

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Clarity Alertmaster AL10K - OUT OF STOCK


Product Overview

The Clarity AlertMaster® AL10™ Notification System is a complete alerting system that alerts you to the telephone, alarm clock and door. This system can be expanded by adding additional transmitters for notification of sound or motion.

  • Provides alerts to telephone calls, alarm clock and the door
  • Built-in lamp flasher
  • Large 3.5″ clock display
  • Includes powerful bed shaker
  • Includes wireless door knocker
  • Simple setup – no hard wiring required

Details and Specifications

  • Desk system alerts you to: Clock alarm to wake up, someone at your door, telephone/TTY ringing , audio alarm or loud sound (optional accessory available), baby cries (Optional accessory available)
  • Easy to install- just plug the desktop unit into any outlet for power, connect to the phone line and attach the bedshaker. The battery operated door button transmitters install easily at the side of any door with no wiring required
  • Choose the notification to suit your needs-provides alerts via flashing a connected lamp/strobe light and/or powerful vibrations
  • Save money and avoid clutter with the bonus built-in alarm clock to wake even the deepest of sleepers
  • Easy to use- flashing patterns and large backlit icons on the base unit clearly indicate which alert has been triggered
  • Expand your system to receive alerts throughout your entire home with optional Alertmaster Receiver ( See AL12)
  • An ideal alerting system for those with vision difficulties- large 3.5” clock display and large, backlit buttons for the alarm icons are positioned for optimum visibility at all angles
  • Worry-free battery back –up for all operation in case of power failure
  • Manual


1 year