Bellman Visit Pager Receiver

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Bellman Visit Pager Receiver


Product Overview


The Visit Pager Receiver gives you the freedom to move about freely and never miss an alert. Clip it to your belt or put it in your pocket. The battery-operated portable unit connects to a variety of Bellman Visit transmitters and expands the coverage area of your base transmitter by 28 metres (95 feet). Four distinct icons and variety of vibration patterns and light signals alert you to different alarms.

The receiver uses one long-lasting 1.5-volt alkaline battery (included). An optional battery charger and 1.5-volt rechargeable battery are available.

Details and Specifications

Model: BE1230

  • Discreet vibrations: Silent and non-intrusive
  • Clear signal identification: Uses LEDs and vibration patterns
  • Lightweight and portable: Wear it on clothing
  • Replaceable front label: Easy to customize
  • Manual


2 years 

What's in the box?

 Belt clip
 Safety cord