Bellman Neck Loop


Product Overview

The Bellman neck loop is used with telecoil equipped hearing aids. Connect the neck loop to any transmitter, such as a mobile phone, loop it around your neck , and switch your hearing aids to the telecoil program. This creates a magnetic field between the neck loop and hearing aids that allows sound to be transported from the loop to the hearing aids. 

  • Silicone cable material for easy handling
  • Safety breakaway neck strap
  • Tie clip for correct positioning
  • Gold plated plug to avoid corrosion

Technical Specifications


  • Neck loop diameter 22 cm
  • Neck loop strap length 70 cm
  • Cable length 90 cm
  • Output reach 15 cm
  • Weight of housing 60 g
  • 3.5 mm stereo gold-plated connector

What's in the box


1 neck loop with tie clip 



3 months