Bellman Mobile Sensor BE9250


Product Overview

The mobile phone sensor is activated when a mobile phone or tablet screen lights up from an incoming call or message. Place it on top of the mobile device and connect it to the visit system to be alerted with sound, flashes or vibrations when someone is trying to reach you. The ergonomic design is ideal for people with low vision or limited dexterity.
•    Requires BE1380 or BE1431+ BE1442 to operate
•    Activated when cell phone screen lights up
•    Works with all cell phones. But must be positioned on the screen of the cell phone to pick up the light when a call or text comes in.

Details and Specifications

Model: BE9250

  • Placement: horizontally on the display
  • Optical detection: activated when the display lights up
  • Ergonomic design: Ideal for people with impaired vision or limited dexterity
  • Low center of gravity: Resumes an upright position if it is knocked over
  • Manual
  • Technical Sheet
  • Data Sheet
  • Instructional Video

What's in the box?

Mobile Phone Sensor

Cord with battery pack

1X AAA alkaline battery

User Manuel 


3 months