Your Rights

Ontario has a public policy that recognizes the dignity and worth of every person and to provide for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination that is contrary to law. The aim is to create a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each person so that each person feels a part of the community and is able to contribute fully to the development and well-being of that community. The best approach in dealing with conflicts is to resolve them directly with all parties involved. If it is not possible, then contact The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Specific areas of equal protection include:

  • Services
  • Accommodations
  • Harassment in accommodations
  • Contracts (equal access)
  • Accommodations for persons under eighteen
  • Employment
  • Harassment in employment
  • Vocational associations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Reprisals

There are several guidelines, policies, best practices, etc. in this section.  See them below: